The Support Systems for Mental Illness

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In this episode, Brian & Robert talk about the proper support system for people dealing with mental illness. They give ideas on how to keep it strong.

Highlights and Takeaways from the Podcast:

  • Millions of people have lost some or all their support systems since the outbreak of COVID.
  • On the Reddit website, Robert found a subreddit for psychosis, a subreddit for anxiety, and a subreddit for pen pals if people want to write to others. 
  • The people who don’t understand mental illness think that a person suffering from it has the ability to ignore it or overcome it on their own. I’ve also heard people suggest that someone is faking their mental illness to get attention. That is absurd!
  • If you want to understand the 24/7 struggles of someone dealing with mental illness, light your hair on fire and then try to focus on having a conversation with someone else; it’s impossible. All you will want to do is put out the fire.


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