Trauma and Forgiveness: Mary Stephenson’s Journey to Authenticity

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Strategist and Executive Coach

In This Episode, Mary Stephenson, a coach, and trauma healer, shares her personal story of overcoming trauma and finding forgiveness, including profound insights on healing, self-love, and the importance of integrating trauma to live a fulfilled life.

Healing Thoughts from Mary:

  • Trauma is something within oneself, often rooted in childhood patterns that prohibit us from expressing our most authentic selves.
  • We all come into this world in unique circumstances, often carrying the unresolved traumas of our parents.
  • Being an empath means absorbing the environment deeply, which can be both a gift and a challenge, especially in a traumatic household.
  • For healing, sometimes we need to isolate ourselves from those who have hurt us, to find balance and regain our strength.
  • True healing involves witnessing and integrating our trauma, turning it from a source of pain into a source of strength.
  • Forgiveness is not just for others, but for ourselves, to free us from the burden of past traumas.
  • Self-care and healing practices like yoga and meditation are essential for releasing trauma from our bodies and minds.
  • Loving ourselves more and committing to our own healing journey can create ripples of positive change in our families and communities.


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