From Bracing for Impact to Making an Impact: How Charis Santillie Turned Tragedy into Her Calling to Help Others

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Fulfillment & Life Transition Coach

In this episode, Charis Santillie, a life balance, and transition coach, shares a traumatic experience from a hot air balloon accident 30 years ago that left her father paralyzed. She delves into the unexpected twists of fate that played a key role in healing, the varied roles played by her family in caregiving, and the lasting influence of her father’s optimistic outlook. 

Podcast Highlights

Surviving and Thriving: Charis emphasizes the importance of recognizing and understanding one’s coping mechanisms and how they evolve over time. Despite the trauma, she has moved from “bracing for impact” to “making an impact,” turning her experiences into a source of strength and motivation to help others.

Navigating College After Trauma: Charis talks about returning to college after the traumatic incident and the challenges she faced in processing the events while trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy. The podcast touches on the lack of mental health services and support available during that time.

The Journey of Self-Reflection: Charis shares her personal journey of self-reflection, therapy, coaching, and various healing modalities over nearly two decades. She highlights the importance of peeling back layers, addressing protective mechanisms, and embracing a continuous process of self-discovery.

Serendipity in Healing: Charis emphasizes the importance of seemingly small moments, chance encounters, or supportive individuals that played a crucial role in her healing journey. These moments were like rays of light breaking through the clouds during challenging times.

Dale Carnegie Philosophy: Charis’s father believed in the “power of positive thinking.” This mindset played a significant role in helping him navigate through the difficulties with optimism and resilience.Gratitude as a Coping Mechanism: There can be great benefits to focusing on positive aspects amid challenges. Charis expressed gratitude for the foundation her parents provided during her childhood and the inspiration her father continues to be in her life. Gratitude became her coping mechanism.

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