The God of Spinoza

I first read the post below on Facebook on October 16, 2020. It’s the kind of post that you remember where you first read it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t attributed to anyone. I did some research and found almost the exact same post written by Michelle...

My Toolbox for Battling Mental Illness

The one thing most people don’t realize about what it’s like to have mental illness is that it never takes a day off. Every day of the week, every hour of the day, every minute of every hour, and every second of every minute it’s there. Some minutes...

When the Angels Sing

Last night I sat on a couch on the deck of my parent’s house and listened to music. It was around 8:00 pm and the sky was starting to get darker. I started humming along to The Smiths “I Know It’s Over,” and began to think about my life. I was...

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Brian Moran

Brian Moran

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