We are Stronger Together: Stories of Resilience, Healing, and Gratitude with Karen Phelps Moyer

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Founder The Moyer Foundation (now Eluna).

In this episode, Karen Phelps Moyer joins Brian and Robert as they delve into the profound impact of mental health challenges on family dynamics, personal resilience, and the journey towards healing. They also discuss the importance of gratitude, community support, and the transformative power of facing mental health struggles with courage and hope. It’s a beautiful conversation.

Highlights and Takeaways from the Podcast:

Karen’s Background and Passion for Philanthropy: Karen grew up in South Bend, Indiana, where her father was a basketball coach and her mother a professor, which instilled in her the importance of helping others. She discusses her journey from being married to a professional baseball player to focusing on philanthropy and starting her foundation, Eluna, emphasizing her commitment to teaching her kids to give back through various initiatives and mission trips.

Camps for Grieving and Vulnerable Children: Karen founded Camp Erin and Camp Mariposa as part of the Eluna Network. Camp Erin is a national camp for children grieving the loss of a loved one, and Camp Mariposa assists children living with family addiction struggles. These camps offer support and a sense of community to children dealing with these significant life challenges, emphasizing the importance of not feeling isolated in their experiences.

Family and Mental Health: Karen’s personal experiences, including her family’s struggles with mental health, bring a deep understanding and empathy to her work. She stresses the importance of community and outreach in dealing with mental health issues, suggesting that it’s often more challenging to navigate these issues when they hit close to home, highlighting the importance of open communication and support.

College Athletes and Mental Health Advocacy: Karen discusses her recent initiatives, Golden Touch and Golden Minds, focusing on mental fitness support for athletes. She emphasizes the need for creating support systems that listen to and meet athletes where they are, acknowledging the unique mental health challenges faced by college athletes, particularly in relation to identity and the pressures of sports defining their lives.The Importance of Hope and Resilience in Mental Health: The conversation highlights the importance of hope, resilience, and support in dealing with mental health challenges. Karen and Robert discuss the significance of hanging in there and building strength and courage through difficult times. Robert’s outlook on life and his gratitude toward his family are presented as powerful examples of overcoming mental health struggles.


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