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Robert Moran is 25 years old and has been bravely battling mental illness for five years. He shares his story on World Mental Health Day to help people better understand the struggles of 47 million Americans who did not ask for this illness…and how faith, kindness and understanding are critical elements of any solution to a global epidemic.

Five Key Takeaways:

  • In 2018, over 47 million Americans experienced some form of mental illness. More than 11 million people experienced a serious mental illness.
  • We must remind ourselves that people dealing with mental illness did not ask for it; it is something that happened to them.
  • One goal for 2020 should be to remove the stigmas attached to mental illness; otherwise, we cannot move forward as a society.
  • The power of the human spirit is stronger than anything that challenges it.
  • Love and faith are key ingredients for whatever ails us. We can all use more of both.


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Robert Moran

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